Having a baby… from the sidelines

Driving to the hospital with your pregnant partner in the seat beside you is an interesting experience. You are both relieved that the long wait is finally over but also dreading the final hump that must be overcome before your baby arrives. As the supporting partner (as opposed to the ‘pushing’ partner), you have been … [Read more…]

Australia Day Travels – Part 1

Hello All… So some of you will be aware that there are very outstanding reasons why this blog hasn’t been updated in a while.  Will come to that later. So with Australia day rolling around and having not yet gotten out and about to explore Australia, Marie and I decided to take the Monday off … [Read more…]

Settling in and catching up

As goes life, so goes this blog.  An initial rush of excitement and posts is followed by a decline as things that were once new and fun become the usual day to day routine.  We didn’t manage to post once this month which is too bad as it has been a great month.  I would … [Read more…]

Taronga Zoo

It is getting tough to stay positive when we woke up early this morning to the sound of pouring rain outside our window again. We had high hopes that things were changing for the better when the sun broke through the clouds just in time for sunset last night. We talked of finally making a … [Read more…]

Christmas in Australia

Andrew and I arrived in Sydney just about a month before Christmas and being so far away from home (not to mention the total change in seasons) it took us a while to get into the the spirit of the holidays.  As we walked around the city I took a few photos as reminders of … [Read more…]