Brick for Olivia

I was at the Manly Public Library and saw a poster offering the chance to buy a brick in honor of Australia Day.  I thought it would be so much fun for Olivia to have her very own brick in memory of  where she was born.  We had a limited number of characters we could … [Read more…]

ABBA World

Olivia is going to be six months old next week.  I thought it would be a fun to document a week in her life now that we have started to reach a nice rhythm in our new role as parents and she is starting to take interest in everything.  My plan started last Friday when … [Read more…]

Back in time….Uluru

We just booked a flight for my Mom to come and visit in April and it made me think about her trip to visit us last year. When Andrew and I moved to Australia we had plans to spend most of our extra time traveling and seeing all Australia has to offer.  Unfortunately, with my … [Read more…]

Andrew’s Birthday in Jervis Bay

It always seems so hard to tear ourselves away from life in Manly – after all, what is the point in going for a ‘vacation’ when you already live in what amounts to a beach resort?  That said, every so often we do look forwards to heading out and spending some time away from Sydney … [Read more…]

Here we go…again!

Updating this blog has started to feel a bit overwhelming.  I keep thinking of all of the things we have done and how much our lives have changed while in Australia and I just do not know where to start!  I am taking a huge inspiration from my sister’s blog and how great she is … [Read more…]

Gran’s Birthday

We have been experimenting with our videos of little Olivia and put together this video for my Mom’s birthday.  Let us know what you think….