Olivia & Ehtan 5-52


“A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

The last four weeks while Jenna has been on vacation have been full of challenges – some good, some difficult.  Jenna always takes the entire month of January off and I remember last year having it’s own challenges while I was looking after Olivia and pregnant with Ethan but this year was noticeably more difficult.  The first week was finding a new normal, the second and third week felt like we were doing fine but that last week….was tough…for everyone!

As we arrived at Jenna’s house last Thursday. Olivia said ‘Mumma! We are on Pittwater Road! Where is Jenna’s house?’ She ran to her red gate and said ‘Here we are!’ We rang the door bell and she took off down the long hallway happily calling ‘Jenna! Jenna!’ She was back and it was as if she had never been gone.

Darling Ethan is doing well.  In the last few days it feels as if a light has been switched on and he is showing a new interest in the world. He has always starred and studied but now he just seems more aware (the oscillating fan and the sound of the pages turning in a book are new favourites).  I also notice that objects he has looked at many times before seem to have a new fascination – almost as if all he saw before were flowers but now they are the most amazing shade of yellow flowers.  We are entering the next stage with Ethan and saying goodbye to the little baby who tagged along with his sister without too much of a fuss.  It is exciting times.  As he grows and develops we get to know him better.  I am obsessed with my squishy sweet baby and sometimes hug him so tight, as if to hope he will stay my baby forever, but also look forward to getting to know this little man and what he is all about?!?

This week’s photo:

Olivia helping Ethan wash off his morning breakfast of kiwi, banana and cucumber.


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